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Do you remember the first time you met this stunning person you’re now going to spend the rest of your life with? Maybe that breath-taking moment when she swung open the door to that café and you could swear that if Shakespearean love sonnets had a human embodiment she would be it, or maybe the ride on that Ferris wheel when he refused to let your hand go for a second because he was scared and you could not stop blushing like a schoolgirl? As you read this, do you feel the magic you felt falling head over heels for this amazing person? And oh what would you give just to go back in time and relive these moments!

Now that you embark on another chapter of your journey together with your wedding, we at The WedWish are here to help you preserve every single moment of it. A family-owned company based in Delhi, we’re a unique team of people who understand that a wedding isn’t a mere exhibition, it is a day to mark the union of two souls, a day toreaffirm their bonds. We don’t just give you aesthetic pictures to put on your showcase, we intend on imprinting the essence of all your sweet memories and emotions. We intend on giving you these moments to cherish, exactly as they are, for the rest of your life when you look back.

After all, the magic of this moment deserves to be preserved. You owe that to that your awestruck self who couldn’t stop dreaming about this exact second.

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We Preserve Your Magic

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